Ableton Tutorial – How to Manipulate Vocal Samples

In this HD video tutorial we explore some powerful features of Ableton Live and how to apply them to vocal samples. You can use these techniques as vocal effects as well as highly advanced editing tricks for pitch correction and transposing vocals.

We loaded up a vocal sample from Hip Hop Vocals V1 to demonstrate how to alter the pitch and tempo of a vocal take as well as how to alter the pitch of selected notes. Learn how to apply a pitch bend to an audio clip and how the different pitch algorithms of Ableton can effect your samples.

We also show you the basics of editing clip envelopes such as pitch to selectively alter certain parts of you sound as needed. This great tutorial is easy to follow and gives you plenty of audio examples which demonstrate the techniques shown. You can even download some free vocal loops from Hip Hop Vocals V1 to get you started.