Orchestral Horror MegaPack

Orchestral Orchestral Horror Samples

Whether you’re producing the latest score for the next ‘Evil Dead’ sequel or just fancy some sinister sounds for your new hip hop track, these orchestral horror samples are the bomb.

Orchestral Horror V2

Orchestral Horror Music Loops

When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up you know you’ve nailed that sound track. Get it done with these eerie orchestral horror music loops.

Orchestral Drama V2

Orchestral Loops - Drama V2

Spielberg just called and gave you a 24 hr deadline to come up with a movie soundtrack. Good thing you’re about to download these killer orchestral loops.

Orchestral Drama V1

Orchestral Samples - Drama V1

Get drama on a grand scale with these epic orchestral samples for sound track producers and beat makers.

Scary Movie Soundtracks MegaPack

Download these cinematic samples for your latest Scary Movie project and deliver some true horror to your listeners. At almost 3.5 Gig this Mega Pack of horror loops is sure to increase heart rates and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.