Hip Hop Vocals MegaPack

Hip Hop Vocals MegaPack

Fire up some acapellas worthy of your time and download this ‘Hip Hop Vocals Mega Pack’ today. With 980 Mb of inspirational voice samples that range from soulful to swagger you’ll never be stuck for ideas. Featuring both male and female voices as well as harmonies and ad-libs it’s like having your own personal vocalist on call.

House Bombs MegaPack

House Music Samples - House Bombs MegaPack

When you need explosive House music loops with major yield it’s time to arm yourself with the House Bombs Mega Pack.

House Bombs V2

House Bombs V2 - House Samples

Become the producer in demand with these club quaking house samples and make the hottest beats.

House Bombs V1

House Loops - House Bombs V1

House Bombs V1 brings you the ultimate in house loops and samples to guarantee floor shaking awesomeness.

House Music Vocal Samples

House Vocal Samples

House music relies on hooky vocal samples to connect with the audience. Good thing we’ve got you covered.

House Samples SFX

House Samples SFX

Build epic buildups and breakdowns in your dance music tracks with these time saving House Samples SFX for beat producers.