Category: DJ Scratch

Feed your Hip Hop beats with percussion loops that POP. Download vinyl scratch samples and human beatbox loops.

Price: $109.99

The ultimate percussion loops toolbox for a wide variety of production styles.With Tabla loops, Cajon, DJ scratching and beatboxing there’s a wealth of inspirational material to enhance any song.

Price: $134.99

Make those breaks POP by using the right DJ scratch samples for the job. We captured live turntable acrobatics from our hottest local DJ to bring you ‘Vinyl Acrobatics V2’ featuring 124 loops of wax melting scratch licks that are ready to load into your beats for maximum effect.

Price: $69.95

Get that hot vinyl sound from a DJ that cooks hot wax with mad skills on the turntables and download DJ Scratch samples right now.
‘Vinyl Acrobatics V1’ captures cutting edge turntable skills that you drop into your beats with ease to create the perfect break or fill.

Price: $69.95

Get that authentic vinyl sound with these DJ Scratch samples in WAV file format, edited to perfection and ready to load into your sampler of choice.
127 Samples with percussive hits, vocal cuts and beat cuts to give you maximum impact.

Price: $69.95