Category: Jazz

We’ve gone totally overboard and included such a mixture of instruments that you’ll be spoiled for choice. With this colossal MegaPack you get jazz drum loops, jazz guitar loops, jazz bass loops, saxophone, trumpet, flute and so much more. If you’re into Jazz music production, you’ll think all of your Christmases have come at once.

Price: $159.95

Whether you’re creating a jazz song or just want some smooth jazz guitar loops for your latest house track, you’ve arrived.

Price: $49.95

There’s nothing like the live sound that a real bassist creates. Download these live fretless bass samples and upright double bass loops.

Price: $109.99

Get the hottest Latin drum loops and fills for your beats and add some spicy Latin flavour to keep things interesting.

Price: $69.95

Whether you produce Jazz or simply need a sick drum break, these live acoustic jazz drum loops and fills will inspire.

Price: $69.99

Don’t waste time with lame sounding synth bass. Get the real deal with these super smooth live Jazz Bass Loops.

Price: $49.95