Recycle - Rex2 Loops

Rex2 Loops and Samples

By | Reason

What is a Rex2 Loop? A Rex2 file is a particular form of audio file for both Windows and Mac OS. Rex2 files were made popular by DAW applications like Propellerheads ‘Reason’ and the Stylus RMX plugin from Spectrasonics because…

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How to Make Beats – The Beginners Guide

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Okay, so you want to learn how to make beats and you need some insight on how to get started. You have some money saved and you need to know how to get some bang for your buck without breaking…

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How to Use Abletons Beat Repeat

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The Beat Repeat function that ships with Ableton Live can really spice up your grooves. Imagine a delay effect on steroids and then add a filter, pitch decay and gate and you might realize just how cool this effect can…

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How To Work With The Rex2 Files In Reason

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I started using Reason back in 2006. At that time it was very popular music production software, which is not to say it isn’t still a popular program, but with the rise of DAW’s like Ableton Live and Logic Pro…

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How to Make Beats in Garageband using Loops

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Here at Platinumloops we offer inspiration in the form of loops. Loops can be used like a writing partner, sometimes all you need is one cool groove to get your creative juices flowing and that’s how songs are born. That’s…

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How to Reduce Vocals from a Sample in Logic

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We’ve all been there, after sampling from one of our favourite records we’ve got an awesome break that would be ideal for a verse if only we could get rid of the vocal. There are plugins out there that claim…

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