How to Make a Skrillex Reptile Bass in Massive

Have you heard that hard and heavy bass riff in Skrillex’s banger ‘Reptile’?

Well, we show you how to create a similar bass sound in the soft synth ‘Massive’ with this video tutorial. For this tutorial we worked in Ableton but if you have the Massive Plugin you could do this in pretty much any DAW.

We used some of Abletons built in processing to beef up the sound but any decent DAW should offer similar processing options such as a saturator, EQ, frequency shifter and we also used the popular ‘North Pole’ plugin from Prosoniq which is free.

Autofilter is also a really cool effect from Ableton but again you should be able to find a similar tool in your own DAW software.

If you just don’t have the patience to build this Massive patch from scratch, here is the preset that we created in the video. Download Skrillex Reptile Bass Preset.

We used these techniques to create our Dubstep Samples and EDM Loops.