Free MIDI Drum Loops – Most Sampled Drum Breaks

Free MIDI Drum LoopsMIDI Drum Breaks V1 – FREE

We all know that manually sequencing classic drum breaks from master drummers can be painfully tedious. Getting those intricate hi-hat and snare nuances just right can be like a game of cat and mouse.

Fortunately for you we’ve gone and done all that hard work so that you can relax, load up your favourite virtual drum kit and let the magic happen. That’s why you love us so much right?

How to Download

Behold ‘MIDI Breaks V1’ which is a collection of 10 MIDI grooves that were recreations of some of the most sampled drum breaks known to man.

To download this awesome free giveaway all you have to do is give our Free loops page a ‘Like’ and you can download the files right from there. If you don’t have a social media account it’s time for you to become a mindless sheep like all the rest of us and join the social media revolution so you can get freebies and share pointless status updates with your friends.

Here is a list of drum breaks that we recreated as MIDI sequences for your convenience.

  • Lafayette Afro-Rock Band – Hihache
  • The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip
  • Billy Squire – Big Beat
  • The Headhunters – God Made Me Funky
  • Al Green – I’m glad your mine
  • The Honeydrippers – Impeach the President
  • Skull Snaps – It’s New Day
  • Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution
  • Q65 – Get out of my life Woman
  • Dexter Wansel – Theme from The Planets

Please note that this download does not contain samples of the original drum breaks, only MIDI grooves and our own drum sounds. To use samples of the above listed drum breaks please contact the original copyright owners.

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