How to Make Beats in Garageband using Loops

Here at Platinumloops we offer inspiration in the form of loops. Loops can be used like a writing partner, sometimes all you need is one cool groove to get your creative juices flowing and that’s how songs are born.

That’s the best way to use loops and samples. They fire your imagination and give you that initial idea. You can then add your own recordings or samples to create something truly unique.

Sometimes however, you need to get productions underway FAST, throw together some well crafted loops from a song construction kit just to get an idea moving and then polish the production later when you have more time.

We’ve used that approach for this video tutorial which shows how easy it is to quickly build professional sounding tracks to use as your song foundations. Garageband excels in this arena and while the loops that ship with Garageband are pretty good you know that Platinumloops has you covered when you need something a bit special and unique.

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