Mixed Brass Samples

Brass Samples - Multisamples

Download this live acoustic brass samples featuring, saxophone, trumpet and tuba. Build your own virtual instruments in any DAW with these WAV files.

Electric Guitar Multisamples

Electric Guitar Multisamples

Get that classic Fender Strat sound in your DAW by loading these single note WAV file samples into your sampler and building your very own virtual instrument.

DJ Scratch Samples

DJ Scratch samples

Get that authentic vinyl sound with these DJ Scratch samples in WAV file format, edited to perfection and ready to load into your sampler of choice.
127 Samples with percussive hits, vocal cuts and beat cuts to give you maximum impact.

Clarinet Multisamples

Clarinet Multisamples Download

Our clarinet multisamples pack offers you 522 single note multisamples in wav file format. These single note samples were recorded through our AKG Solidtube valve condenser microphone directly into Protools.

Acoustic Guitar Multisamples

Acoustic Guitar Multisamples

These multisamples feature recordings of a high quality 6 string acoustic guitar played with a variety of string striking techniques. WAV files are the ideal format for loading these samples into your favourite sampler to create your own virtual instruments.