Max Pack Bundle – 2 for 1

Download Over 50 Gb of Loops and Samples

The Max Pack V1 is the ultimate download. Featuring 25 Gig of loops and samples from 63 of our most popular titles. Long lasting inspiration is just a few clicks away.

Cheesy Guitar Loops

Download Cheesy Guitar Loops for your beats

Prepare to gag over these utterly cheesy guitar loops. We’re talking about acoustic guitar loops that are so sickeningly sweet you’ll need a shot of insulin just to deal with them.

Orchestral Harp Loops

Orchestral Harp Loops

‘Orchestral Harp Loops’ features live concert harp riffs and licks that capture a wealth of moods and tones. From hauntingly sad to happy and jaunty with everything in between, these inspirational performances will ignite your imagination and keep your beats productive.

Cinematic Guitar Loops MegaPack

Cinematic Guitar Loops

With guitar samples like these, it wont take you long to put together your own beats or musical scores with a distinct cinematic vibe. Featuring imaginative use of the digital delay effect we’ve created some truly hypnotic guitar loops to drop right into your DAW and begin making killer beats.

Cinematic Rock Guitar Loops

Download Cinematic Rock Guitar Loops for your DAW

Get instant inspiration right now with these Epic ‘Cinematic Rock Guitar Loops’. Totally immersive, hypnotic and super melodic. We challenge you not to get hooked instantly.

Ray Luzier Hard Drums MegaPack

Ray Luzier - Metal and Funk Drum loops

When Ray Luzier hits the drums, you know about it. We’ve never heard any other drummer hit the drums quite as hard as Ray Luzier.

Not only does Ray have immense power, he has a stylistic flare and nuance that means he can turn his hand to pretty much any genre and totally nail it.