How to Create a Screaming Wobble Synth in Garageband

Garageband has more power and flexibility than some give it credit for. Long assumed the realm of the newbie, Garageband still has what it takes to create a pretty decent Wobble synth for House and Dubstep production.

This video shows you how to create that high pitched screaming synth you often hear in Dubstep, Brostep and Complextro tracks of the day.

Starting with a humble synth patch that ships with Garageband we show you how to turn it into a respectable lead sound with some punch.

By the time your done with this video you’ll be making raucous, dirty synth screamers that you thought were only achievable through the use of plugins.

There’s also a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this sound over at with How to create a high pitch Wobble Synth in Garageband.

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