Ableton Live Tutorial – How to Make a Hip Hop Drum Groove

In this HD Ableton Live video tutorial, we delve into some of the powerful features that Ableton Live offers using the ‘slice to MIDI’ function and the drum rack. Learn how to choke an open hi-hat sample by assigning the closed hat to the same choke group.

We show you how to re-sequence a drum loop, build your own drum kit using the samples of a pre-recorded drum loop and how to enhance the sounds of that kit to suite your needs.

You’ll also learn basic functions such as quantize, copy and paste and simple arrangements.

We demonstrate how to apply a compressor to your drums to beef up the tone, how to pitch and filter individual drum hits and much more.

We took a reggae style drum loop from the Ska Guitars V1 sample pack and quickly turned it into a Hip Hop drum groove with minimal effort.

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