How to Master a Track in Logic Pro

Logic Pro already comes pre-equipped with the tools you need to master your music. Get professional results easily with linear phase EQ, multipressor and the Adaptive Limiter.

With great power comes great responsibility, so you need to resist the temptation to overdo these processes. Keep it subtle and make sure your mix is as good as possible BEFORE you start mastering.

Mastering should be more of a final touch than a repair procedure. If your mix is no good, you’ll find that mastering can’t save it. Go back to the mix and fix your issues there first.

Another great tip is to take your mastered mix and test it out on many different mediums, play it on crappy little hi-fi speakers, cheap earbuds, low quality car stereos and anything you can think of that might cause a problem. If it sounds good on the worst types of devices then it should sound awesome on good quality systems.

One trick we like to use when mastering is to preview our mastered tracks through a system that has a heavy limiter patched into it in order recreate the type of treatment that radio stations add to their broadcast output. Radio broadcast has a heavily compressed signal so if you add too much compression to your master it’s going to sound awful when played on the radio or TV channels. Bear this in mind when your squeezing that limiter to the max.

Finally, if you’ve got the money and can justify the expense, take your mastering to a mastering engineer with years of experience and a few titles under his belt. Compare your own mastered version with the version you get from the pro and see how yours stands up.

If you don’t have the patience to watch through the video there is an awesome article version of this video tutorial over at Click on How to Master a track in Logic Pro.

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