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We have a massive selection of live acoustic guitar loops to choose from. Need some metal, folk, 12 string or just plain old 6 string? No problem. Take a listen to the demos and then click on each product to read more about the product specs, file sizes and number of loops.

Prepare to gag over these utterly cheesy guitar loops. We’re talking about acoustic guitar loops that are so sickeningly sweet you’ll need a shot of insulin just to deal with them.

Price: $49.95

These acoustic guitar loops offer inspiration for songwriters and producers of all musical genres. Lots of riffs and licks to give you endless song ideas to take your creativity to the next level.

Price: $109.99

This acoustic guitar sample pack for Metal producers is as colossal as it sounds. Almost 2 Gig of killer metal loops all performed on world class acoustic guitars.

Price: $139.99

Your metal tracks deserve the best. Expertly performed and record using only the best acoustic guitars, this collection of Metalcore Acoustic Guitar loops will make your songs HOT.

Price: $79.95

Fuel your tracks with Dark energy and download these brooding Metalcore Acoustic Guitar Loops. Double tracked, processed and mixed for your convenience.

Price: $79.95

Get melodic Metalcore Acoustic Guitars in your tracks with strong melodies, rhythms and licks. Featuring 12 string and nylon string for a wide variety of acoustic tones.

Price: $79.95