How to Reduce Vocals from a Sample in Logic

We’ve all been there, after sampling from one of our favourite records we’ve got an awesome break that would be ideal for a verse if only we could get rid of the vocal.

There are plugins out there that claim to do just that but they are often expensive and still compromise the audio quality in some way.

Our method isn’t perfect and can only help to ‘reduce’ the level of the certain vocals but you don;t need expensive plugins and it might just give you what you need.

By using phase inversion and some clever EQ we begin to see a major reduction in the volume of the lead vocal rap which is panned dead centre. Like we said, it’s not perfect but it might do the trick if your planning on throwing your own drums and vocals on top of the sample.

As always, be careful who you sample and get permission from the copyright holders before you get a chart topping hit record 😉

There’s also a step-by-step guide on how to perform this technique over at with ‘How to reduce vocals on a sample in Logic Pro‘.

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