How to Rap – Introduction

Slik Nixin put together this 6 part series of articles on ‘How To Rap’. He covers a wealth of topics that should help step ya game up.

With the use of videos, audio examples and detailed walkthroughs, we cover everything you need to know, from the basics of breath control right through to recording and mixing your rap performances like a pro.

Use the links to jump directly to the topic that interests you the most.

How to Rap Part 1 – Cadence and Rhythm

  • Breath Control
  • Structure
  • Iambic Rhythm
  • Double Timing
  • Half Timing

How to Rap Part 2 – Confidence, Delivery, Energy

  • Confidence
  • Delivery = Swagger
  • Octaves
  • Power
  • Energy

How to Rap Part 3 – Become a Better Freestyle Emcee

  • Written Raps VS Freestyle Raps
  • Instant Rhyme Generation Techniques
  • Mix Up The Beats
  • Improvisation
  • Practice Regularly
  • Freestyle Raps in the Battle Rap Phenomena
  • The Ultimate Battle Rap Combo

How to Rap Part 4 – How to Write Great Rap Lyrics

  • What Defines Great Lyrics
  • Wordplay
  • Imagery
  • Metaphors
  • Perfect Rhymes VS Similar Lines
  • Filler Lines VS Punch Lines
  • Lyrical Content

How to Rap Part 5 – How to Record Rap Vocals

  • Getting the Right Equipment
  • Mic Placement & Setup
  • Proper Mic Usage
  • Compression
  • EQ

How to Rap Part 6 – How to Stack and Polish Rap Vocals

  • Stacking the Lead Vocal
  • The Wonderful World of Ad-libs
  • Reinforcement Ad-libs
  • Spatial Ad-libs
  • Editing Out Explicit Language for a Radio Edit

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