How to Create a Vocal Stutter Effect

How to create a vocal stutter effect

Lets gear up. Today we learn how to create the vocal stutter effect that is so prevalent in modern pop and dance music. I will be working in Logic but you can accomplish this effect in any decent DAW.

Here is a quick example of how we’ll be using the effect on a vocal.

(Beat courtesy of Epic Dubstep Loops from Platinumloops)
(Vocals courtesy of Slik Nixin)

Step 1

Decide where you want the stutter to happen. Look for open spaces and breaks in your song.

In this particular case, I chose the beginning and middle of the chorus and chose to stutter the word “Here” in the phrase “Here We Go Now”.

Vocal Stutter Effect in Logic

Step 2

Chop up and arrange the repeated sample. You can arrange the sample in any rhythmical pattern you want. As you can see I went from 8th’s to 16th’s to 32nd’s.

Vocal Stutter Effect in Logic 2

Step 3

Add small fades on the beginning and end of each sample to prevent popping or clicking.

Vocal Stutter Effect in Logic 3

Step 4

Automate the volume to increase over the course of the stutter effect. This will give it a rising sensation, which is great especially if you are using a vocal stutter on a breakdown that is building over time.

Vocal Effects in Logc

Step 5

Give the effect some flare by adding some movement. Load up the tremolo plug in Logic’s Modulation section. Experiment to achieve the desired result. You can create a slow-building pan effect or a faster bouncing off the walls type of feel to anything else in between.

Voice FX in Logic

Step 6

Polish the effect off with some chorus and stereo delay.

Here is the raw effect with no backing music.

Here is the effect with backing music.


Step 7

Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This effect is simple and won’t make or break any song but it’s this consistent attention to detail in the right places that can truly make a song stand out.