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Free MIDI Drum Loops for Hip Hop Producers

Free MIDI Hip Hop Drum Loops – Famous Drum Breaks

By | Featured, Free Sounds

MIDI Drum Breaks V2 – FREE Due to popular demand, we’ve created ‘MIDI Drum Breaks V2’ to bring you more classic Hip Hop drum grooves in MIDI format. Save yourself hours of hardcore drum programming and simply load up these…

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Free MIDI Drum Loops – Most Sampled Drum Breaks

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MIDI Drum Breaks V1 – FREE We all know that manually sequencing classic drum breaks from master drummers can be painfully tedious. Getting those intricate hi-hat and snare nuances just right can be like a game of cat and mouse….

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How to Make Beats in Garageband using Loops

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Here at Platinumloops we offer inspiration in the form of loops. Loops can be used like a writing partner, sometimes all you need is one cool groove to get your creative juices flowing and that’s how songs are born. That’s…

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How to Reduce Vocals from a Sample in Logic

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We’ve all been there, after sampling from one of our favourite records we’ve got an awesome break that would be ideal for a verse if only we could get rid of the vocal. There are plugins out there that claim…

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How to Create a Screaming Wobble Synth in Garageband

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Garageband has more power and flexibility than some give it credit for. Long assumed the realm of the newbie, Garageband still has what it takes to create a pretty decent Wobble synth for House and Dubstep production. This video shows…

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How to Master a Track in Logic Pro

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Logic Pro already comes pre-equipped with the tools you need to master your music. Get professional results easily with linear phase EQ, multipressor and the Adaptive Limiter. With great power comes great responsibility, so you need to resist the temptation…

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