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Free MIDI Hip Hop Drum Loops - Famous Drum Breaks

Free MIDI Hip Hop Drum Loops

MIDI Drum Breaks V2 - FREE

Due to popular demand we've created MIDI Drum Breaks V2 to bring you more classic Hip Hop drum grooves in MIDI format.

Save yourself hours of hardcore drum programming and simply load up these midi drum loops that we grafted on forEVER just for your convenience.

Download Here.

MIDI Breaks V2 is a collection of 10 MIDI grooves that were recreations of some of the most sampled drum breaks of all time

This download is available in two formats. First we've got each individual MIDI file which you can download in one handy zip file. Secondly we've compiled all these MIDI drum patterns for Ableton live which also includes a free Hip Hop drum kit for Impulse so you can get up and running as soon as you open the Ableton project file.

To download this awesome free giveaway all you have to do is give our Free Loops & Samples page a 'Like' and you can download the files right from there. If you don't have a Facebook account it's time for you to become a mindless sheep like all the rest of us and join the social media revolution so you can get freebies and share pointless status updates with your friends. Click here to download.

These MIDI drum breaks feature classic grooves like 'Amen Brother' and 'Funky President'. Go ahead, give us some Facebook love and download these beauties.

If you need awesome drum loops check out our live acoustic drums section. For cool free drum samples from high quality acoustic kits check out Drum Samples.

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Drum Loops available for instant download. Page not found - PLATINUMLOOPS
Page not found - PLATINUMLOOPS

It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?