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Platinumloops Loops and Samples

Free Loops and Sound Samples

Platinumloops is a massive library of royalty free loops and samples. We offer loops and samples as well as thousands of other loops and samples in many different categories ranging from Heavy Metal Drum Loops to Ethnic Loops. When you purchase loop packs from us the product that you download includes the following 3 file formats.

BulletWAV - All Acidized
BulletRex2 - Reason, Nuendo etc
BulletAIF - Apple loops for Garageband & Logic

We also sell multisample packs which give you single hit files and come only in WAV file format at 44.1 kHz.

Instant Downloads

When you buy loops and samples from Platinumloops you should be able to download your files right after completing a successful purchase.

All transactions are totally secure and you can safely pay online with your credit card. The loops and samples that you buy can be downloaded in one easy to handle ZIP file which includes all 3 file formats for your convenience. Multisample packs only come in the WAV format which is also compiled into a ZIP file.

100% Royalty Free Loops & Samples

All of the loops and samples in our download packs are 100% royalty free. This means you can use our loops in your own songs and then sell your songs without having to worry about additional costs or licenses.

Quick Facts

BulletSecure Online Ordering
BulletInstant Downloads
BulletNo Re-billing
BulletMajor Credit Cards Accepted
BulletPaypal Payments Accepted
BulletZip file downloads
Bullet Regular Updates


Garageband Loops

Mac users will be delighted to learn that we are now including Garageband Loops (Apple Loops - AIF) for Garageband & Logic in all of our loop packs. This means that any loop pack that you buy will automatically come with WAV, Rex2 and AIF file formats for both PC users and Mac users - at no extra cost.

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Drum Loops available for instant download.

Free Loop Downloads

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Download our awesome collection of free loops and sound samples. Within this site there are hudreds of free demo loops and sound samples for you to download. Just click on these links below to be taken to our product pages. Each product in our loop library offers free demo loops for you to download and test out. You don't need to set up an account or join any mailing lists. Just scroll down the product detail page and you will see the free demo loops.

Loops and Samples

Check these links for more FREE demo loops. Remember to Scroll Down each page to view the free audio files.

Acapella Samples
Acid Loops
Hip Hop Samples Vol1
Hip Hop Samples Vol2
Rap Beats - Hip Hop Samples Vol3 - East Coast
Dirty South Hip Hop Samples
Hip Hop Rapbeats Vol4
Acoustic Drum Loops
12 String Guitar Samples
Electronic Drum Loops
DJ Scratches Samples
Death Metal Drum Loops
Metalcore Drum Loops
Drum Kits
Arabic Loops
Heavy Metal Drum Loops
Bass Samples
Double Bass Samples
Sitar Samples
Acoustic Slide Guitar Samples
Guitar Samples
Hip Hop Guitar Samples
R & B Guitar Loops
Latin Drum Loops
Trance Loops
Trance Packs
Fender Strat Guitar Multisamples
Clarinet Multisamples
Acoustic Guitar Loops
Funk Bass Guitar Loops
Hip Hop Bass Guitar Loops
Cajón - Ethnic Percussion Loops
Drum 'n' Bass Drum Loops
Slap Bass Loops
Human Beatbox Loops
Reggaeton Drum Loops
Power Ballad Rock Drum Loops
Ska & Reggae Guitar Loops
Electro House Loops
RnB Samples Loops
Orchestral Pop Loops for Hip Hop and Pop
Cinematic - Orchestral Drama
Dubstep Loops
Hardcore Rap Vocal Samples
Pop Producer Loops
R&B Samples
Orchestral Loops
Euphoria - House Loops
Big Bad Basslines - Electro House Loops
Progressive House Samples
Soul Loops V1
Platinum Keys - Keyboard Loops
Soul Funk Loops
Tech House Loops
Dubstep Apocalypse V1
House Bombs V1
Drum and Bass Loops V1
Metalcore Acoustic Guitar Loops V2
Tech House Samples V2
Arabian Breaks V2
Complextro Samples
Drum & Bass Samples V2
Ragga Dubstep Loops
Swedish House Loops V1
Swedish House Samples V2
Dhol Loops
Dirty South Bombs V1
Robot Vox V2 Vocoder Loops
Hardcore Christmas Dance Loops
Dirty South Bombs V2
Trap Loops
Big Boss V2
Hip Hop Producer - Mega Pack 3
Disco Strings V2
Big Boss Mega Pack
Upright Bass Mega Pack
Disco Strings Mega Pack
Acoustic Guitar Steel String Essentials V2
Metalcore Acoustic V3
Dubstep Harps
Progressive House Samples V3
Cinematic Harps
Metalcore Drums V3
Celtic Harp Samples

Hits & Stabs Samples v1
Hits & Stabs Samples v2
Death Metal Guitar Loops
Trance Packs 2
Trance Packs 3
Mega Metal Drums V2
Piano Samples
Mandolin Multisamples
Acoustic Guitar Multisamples
Violin String Samples
Trance/Electro Samples
Orchestral Samples 1
Orchestral Samples 2
Cinematic - Orchestral Drama
Classical Music Samples
Ethnic Samples
Synth Samples
Clarinet Samples
Saxophone Samples
Piccolo Samples
Flute Samples
Trumpet Samples
Keyboard Samples
Nu Metal Guitar Loops Vol 1
Nu Metal Guitar Loops Vol 2
Nu Metal Guitar Loops Vol 3
Nu Metal Bass Guitar Loops Vol 1
Nu Metal Bass Guitar Loops Vol 2
Nu Metal Bass Guitar Loops Vol 3
Nu Metal Bass Guitar Loops Vol 4
Talk Box Guitar Loops
Jungle Drum Loops
Chillout Bass Loops
Live Latin Jazz Drum Loops
12 String Acoustic Guitar Loops
African Samples and Loops
Fuzz Bass Loops
Vocal Samples and Vocal Loops
Reggae Drum Loops
Arabian Samples and Loops
Latin Samples
Death Metal Drum Loops
Tech House Drum loops
Vocal Samples
Hip Hop Vocal Loops
Vocal A Capella Samples
Metalcore Acoustic Guitar Samples
Gangsta Rap Samples
Indian Samples
House Samples
Dubstep Loops
Electric Piano Loops - Rhodes Riffs
Hip Hop Samples - The Doctor V2
Orchestral Hip Hop Loops
Chill Factor V1 - Chillout Loops
Big Bad Basslines V2 - House Loops
Blissed Out - Chillout Samples
Progressive House V1
Dubstep Apocalypse V2
House Bombs V2 - House Samples
Bollywood Loops
Orchestral Horror Loops V1
Orchestral Horror Loops V2
House SFX Loops
Killer EDM Samples V1
Upright Bass Loops v1
Ragga Dubstep Samples V2
Robot Vox V1 - Vocoder Samples
Orchestral Horror Mega Pack
Cinematic Dubstep Samples
Hip Hop Christmas
Disco Strings V1
Cinematic Dubstep V2
Dirty South Wars
Metalcore Drum Loops Mega Pack
Hip Hop Vocals Mega Pack
Upright Acoustic Double Bass V2
Electro House Mega Pack
Orchestral Pop Mega Pack
Cinematic Dubstep Mega Pack
Cinematic Hip Hop Samples - Drama
Swedish House Samples
Robox Vox Vocoder - Mega Pack
Smokin Hot Jazz Drums
Reggae Guitar Loops

Drum Loops available for instant download. Page not found - PLATINUMLOOPS
Page not found - PLATINUMLOOPS

It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?