Cheesy Guitar Loops

Prepare to gag over these utterly cheesy guitar loops. We’re talking about acoustic guitar loops that are so sickeningly sweet you’ll need a shot of insulin just to deal with them.

Why did we do this? Well, if you’re ever working on a project that requires some super happy, chirpy and twee guitar riffs, look no further. You know the type, a TV commercial for some dog toy or a cutesy theme tune for a kids TV show. As a music producer you’ll often need to come up with some sugary beats and that’s where ‘Cheesy Guitar Loops’ comes into play.

We had our resident guitarist load up on high fructose corn syrup, kitten cuddles and cotton candy just to get him in the sappiest mood possible. We also made him watch two seasons of Gilmore Girls to ramp up the nausea levels to the max.

Here’s what you can expect with this download:

  • 59 Wav file loops (Acidized)
  • 59 Apple Loops
  • 59 Rex2 file Loops

With ‘Cheesy Guitar Loops’ we’ve created acoustic guitar riffs and melodies that form the basis for your cheesy beats. Add your own drums, vocals or other instruments to take these cute little ideas to the next level. Each loop has a stereo ‘double tracked’ guitar part, ready to drop right into your DAW.

All of these live acoustic guitar loops have minimal EQ and compression so that you can further process the sound to your own tastes. Each groove was recorded in the 4/4 time signature for maximum happiness factor.

Product Specification:

Download Loops and Samples 127 and 143 Bpm
Download Loops and Samples 59 Loops
Download Loops and Samples 256 Mb

Product Features:

Download Loops and Samples Instant Download
Download Loops and Samples Windows Compatible
Download Loops and Samples Mac Compatible
Download Loops and Samples WAV Files, Rex2 and Apple Loops Included
Download Loops and Samples 100% Royalty Free License Included

Download Free Demo Loops

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What is this Product?

Works with FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Reason and many more DAW

This product is a collection of audio files that you can use to create your own music, songs and beats. Known as ‘sample packs’ or ‘loop packs’, this collection of sounds can be downloaded immediately after purchase in the form of a zip file. For more information, view our ‘How to Download Your Sample Packs‘ page. These sound files work in pretty much all DAW applications such as Logic, Garageband, Ableton, Reason, Cubase, FL Studio, Sonar and many, many more.