Acoustic Guitar Multisamples

Acoustic Guitar Multisamples

These multisamples feature recordings of a high quality 6 string acoustic guitar played with a variety of string striking techniques. WAV files are the ideal format for loading these samples into your favourite sampler to create your own virtual instruments.

Acoustic Guitar – Steel String Essentials v1

Acoustic Guitar Loops

Got writers block? Need some inspiration? Look no further, ‘Steel String Essentials is sure to ignite your creativity with these red hot acoustic guitar loops and samples from Platinumloops. Royalty free and DAW compatible these radio ready samples can enhance your tracks or take you in a whole different direction. Download today and give your talent pool a boost up.

Acoustic Guitar – Steel String Essentials v2

Acousitc Guitar Samples

Give your tracks that human factor with some high quality acoustic guitar loops that were expertly performed by smokin hot guitar players. Don’t mess around with cheesy synth guitars, use the real thing and get serious about your productions.

12 String Essentials V1

12 String Acoustic Guitar Loops Samples

The 12 string acoustic guitar has a unique sound that delivers rich harmonies and a bright, vibrant sound that you’ll hear in our loops. These inspirational samples will give you limitless ideas for songs or spice up your existing beats.