Upright Bass Loops V1

Download Upright Bass Samples

With these upright bass samples from a live bassist you can expect some serious bottom end and plenty of FUNK!

Mandolin Multisamples

Download Mandolin Multisamples

Download these live acoustic mandolin multisamples and build your very own virtual instrument. These are WAV files that work in any DAW.

Human Beatbox Multisamples

Human Beatbox Multisamples

Create your very own human beatbox grooves with these expertly edited multisamples. Download 197 WAV files and get that real beatbox sound in your beats.

Double Bass Loops – Fingers Of Fire v2

Double Bass Loops - Fingers of Fire V2

Download live acoustic double bass loops to enhance your tracks in a way that only a real bass can deliver. We’re talking Massive bottom end to test the limits of your subwoofer. These loops also add a funky touch of live performance that works in many different genres.