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[item] [team_member description=”Things just got serious! It’s more drama with these dark and moody hip hop samples with that gangsta vibe you know and love. It couldn’t be any easier to create totally slamming East Coast and West Coast Hip Hop Beats.” social=”” link_element=”both” color=”Accent-Color” image_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/04/hip_hop_producer_samples_pack4.jpg” name=”Hip Hop Samples – Producer Pack 4″ job_position=”118 Hip Hop Loops” link_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/downloads/hip-hop-samples-producer-pack-4/”]

[item] [team_member description=”The sitar is a mystical sounding instrument with a hypnotic quality and is able to conjure a truly spellbinding atmosphere. These live sitar loops and samples stay true to that magical sound. ” social=”” link_element=”both” color=”Accent-Color” image_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/04/sitar-loops-essential-ragas.jpg” name=”Sitar Samples – Essential Ragas” job_position=”86 Live Acoustic Sitar Loops” link_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/downloads/sitar-samples-essential-ragas/”]

[item] [team_member description=”From rim-shot reggae beats to 70’s style disco rhythms, cowbell beats and hi-hat grooves that conjure an aura of the 1960’s to the 1970’s when drums were recorded through a stereo pair of mic’s and compressed to hell and back.” social=”” link_element=”both” color=”Accent-Color” image_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/05/vintage-funk-drum-loops.jpg” name=”Vintage Funk Drum Loops” job_position=”104 Live Acoustic Drum Loops” link_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/downloads/vintage-funk-drum-loops/”]

[item][team_member description=”If you want your reggae beats to sound authentic, only real live reggae guitar loops will do the trick. These super skankin rythms will really set your tracks apart. Put some bounce in your reggae tracks with these skanking reggae guitar loops. ” social=”” link_element=”both” color=”Accent-Color” image_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/reggae-guitar-samples-background.jpg” name=”Reggae Guitar Loops” job_position=”84 live reggae guitar samples” link_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/downloads/reggae-guitar-loops/”]


[item][team_member description=”Metalcore Acoustic Guitar V1 takes you to a dark yet beautiful place. This 654 Mb sample pack boasts 14 melodic metal song ideas with 120 fully stemmed out loops.” social=”” link_element=”both” color=”Accent-Color” image_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/04/metalcore-acoustic-guitar-samples-v1.jpg” name=”Metalcore Acoustic Guitar Loops” job_position=”84 live reggae guitar samples” link_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/downloads/metalcore-acoustic-guitar-loops-v1/”]


[item][team_member description=”Step away from the speakers! These bone crushing bass lines might just blow that sub woofer. You want wobble bass? You want evil, menacing synth riffs? You got it!” social=”” link_element=”both” color=”Accent-Color” image_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2015/04/killa-dubstep-samples.jpg” name=”Killa Dubstep Samples” job_position=”Download 1 Gig of killer dubstep loops” link_url=”https://www.platinumloops.com/downloads/killa-dubstep-samples/”]


What is Platinumloops?

Platinumloops is your new silent writing partner. Think of us as your musical toolbox for getting the job done. With our massive library of Loops and Samples, you’ve got everything you need to get inspired and feed your beats.

Loops and Samples for Beat Making at PlatinumloopsSimply search, download and then drop our samples into your favourite DAW to start making your own killer beats.

Royalty Free Samples

Royalty Free Loops with Commercial LicenseAll of the loops and samples in our download packs are 100% royalty free. This means you can use our loops commercially in your own songs and then sell your songs without having to worry about additional costs or licenses.

Sell your songs on iTunes or through streaming services like Spotify.

About Platinumloops

Platinumloops has been providing musicians, producers, songwriters and artists with inspirational sounds since 2002.

With genres that range from Progressive House to Metalcore and with instruments that range from Sitar to Harp, Platinumloops offers a massive palette of ideas to boost your creativity.

Search for Loops and Samples right now and turbo charge your music production. Use the links to the right or the search box at the top of the page.

Free Beatmaking Tutorials

Free Tutorials for Garageband, Logic, Ableton and moreIn addition to offering a colossal library of sample packs, Platinumloops is also a great learning resource for producers of all kinds. Browse through our tutorials categories to learn something new today.

Here are some of our most popular music making tutorials. Most feature video, audio examples and some free downloads. Please post a comment.

Enjoy Instant Downloads

Get access to instant downloads, delivered to you by email. When you buy loops and samples from Platinumloops you should be able to download your files right after completing a successful purchase. All transactions are totally secure and you can safely pay online with your credit card or Paypal account.

The loops and samples that you buy can be downloaded in easy to handle ZIP files which includes all 3 file formats of WAV files, Rex2 and Apple Loops. Multisample packs only come in the WAV format which is also compiled into a ZIP file.

Store Features:

Download Loops and Samples Instant Download
Download Loops and Samples Secure Online Ordering
Download Loops and Samples Zip File Downloads
Download Loops and Samples Windows Compatible Sounds
Download Loops and Samples Apple Compatible Sounds

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