Hip Hop Producer Pack 1

Hip Hop Samples - Producer Pack 1

Making sick Hip Hop Beats couldn’t be easier when you’re fully loaded with the hottest Hip Hop Samples in the game.

Hip Hop Producer MegaPack 3

Hip Hop Samples - MegaPack 3

Get that dramatic ‘Dr. Dre’ sound in your hip hop beats today and download this 1.3 gig Mega Pack of hip hop samples featuring 236 loops in WAV, Rex2 and Apple Loops. We even included MIDI so you have total control over all mix elements. You get drums, keys, pianos,guitars, bass and everything you need to make some killer ‘Dre’ style beats.

Hip Hop Producer Pack 4

Hip Hop Samples - The Ultimate Producer Pack 4

Things just got serious! It’s more drama with these dark and moody hip hop samples with that gangsta vibe you know and love.

Hip Hop Producer Pack 3

Hip Hop Samples for Producer Pack 3

Get that grimy East Coast sound with these street smart hip hop samples. Load these into your DAW for instant ‘thug’ status.