Mixed Brass Samples

Brass Samples - Multisamples

Download this live acoustic brass samples featuring, saxophone, trumpet and tuba. Build your own virtual instruments in any DAW with these WAV files.

These brass and reeds multisamples offer you the essential tools to create your own basic brass and reeds riffs using your sampler. Each note was expertly recorded into the AKG Solidtube valve condenser microphone with mild compression added.

Here is a list of the instruments included and the playing styles used:

Saxophone Samples

  • Alto Stabs (6 samples – c, c#, d, d#, e, f)
  • Baritone Stabs (13 samples – a, a#, b, c, c#, d, d#, e, f, f#, g, g#)
  • Baritone sustained vibrato (22 samples – a to g# two octaves)
  • Soprano Stabs (7 samples – a, a#, b, c, f#, g, g#)
  • Tenor Stabs (13 samples – a, a#, b, c, c#, d, d#, e, f, f#, g, g#)

Trumpet Samples

  • Harmon Wah Swells (13 samples – a, a#, b, c, c#, d, d#, e, e2, f, f#, g, g#)
  • Single Stabs (11 samples – b, b2, e, g, d#, bfall, bfall2, e, g, octave chord, octave chord stab)

Tuba Samples

  • Hard stabs (25 samples – a to g# 2 actaves with 2 extra novelty notes)
  • Long Sustained Notes (17 samples – a, a2, a#, b, c, c#, d, d#, e, e2, f, f#, f#2, g, g2, g#, g#2)
  • Soft Stabs (21 samples – a, a2, a#, a#2, b, b2, c, c#, c#2, d, d2, d# d#2, e, e2, f, f#, g, g2, g#’, g#2)

Here’s what you can expect with this download:

  • 147 Wav Samples

Product Specification:

Download Loops and Samples 147 Wav Samples
Download Loops and Samples 26 Mb

Product Features:

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