Jazz Drum Loops V1

Jazz Drum Loops V1

The ultimate Traditional Jazz drum loop pack is here. With essential jazz rhythms such as Bossanova and Swing, you will not be disappointed.

Played in a cool and jazzy ‘swing’ style, these loops offer you a wealth of variation by using different drumming techniques as well as different parts of the kit. You’ll get plenty of frenetic drum fills as well as standard grooves that were played using brushes, sticks and rods for that classic Jazz sound.

We’ve even included some epic tom tom grooves which you’ll hear in the demo, these are great for bridge sections when you want to change the dynamics of your song.

There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing

Having ‘Jazz Drum Loops V1’ at your fingertips is like having your very own live jazz drummer but without the tantrums. You also won’t have to lug loads of heavy gear up and down fire escapes, pull out hundreds of feet of audio cable, microphones and multi tracks. We’ve done all that hard work for you so that you can focus on creating your songs.

All you have to do is download this sample pack and get creative.

Our top class drummers played these live rhythms and blistering fills using hickory drum sticks, steel brushes and rods to give you a wide palette of tone and velocity. From simple hi-hat loops to full on drum rhythms and fills.

Here’s an example of a basic hi hat groove in WAV file format. You can easily build a jazz drum track by using a sample like that as a starting point for your intro while you bring in the bass, piano and horns.

Next you could add in a groove that has the hi-hat and the snare together like this one. This can give your song a natural progression like a real drummer playing on your track. Once you’re ready to bring in the full drum set you might pick a drum loop like this one which also features a drum fill at the end which can take you nicely into the bridge.

These are just suggestions, with the 120 loops in this download, you can experiment with your song structure and drop samples wherever you like.

This is what you’ll get when you purchase this instant download:

  • 120 Wav file loops (Acidized)
  • 120 Apple Loops
  • 120 Rex2 file Loops

It’s easy and fun to build your own Jazz drum tracks using loops that feature live drummers who know how to build momentum in a song. Download ‘Jazz Drum Loops V1’ right now and see what a difference quality makes to your productions. This product includes WAV files, Rex2 files and Apple Loops which gives you a total of 360 audio files and a maximum download size of 192 Mb. The tempos range from 120 to 280 bpm.

Whether you produce Jazz or simply need a sick drum break, these live acoustic jazz drum loops and fills will inspire.

Be sure to check out the awesome sequel to this product entitled ‘Smokin Hot Jazz Drums‘.

Product Specification:

Download Loops and Samples 120-280 Bpm
Download Loops and Samples 120 Loops
Download Loops and Samples 192 Mb

Product Features:

Download Loops and Samples Instant Download
Download Loops and Samples Windows Compatible
Download Loops and Samples Mac Compatible
Download Loops and Samples WAV Files, Rex2 and Apple Loops Included
Download Loops and Samples 100% Royalty Free License Included

Download Free Demo Loops

Take this sample pack for a test drive and download some free demo loops. To reveal the free demo loops simply hit one of the share buttons.

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What is this Product?

Works with FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Reason and many more DAW

This product is a collection of audio files that you can use to create your own music, songs and beats. Known as ‘sample packs’ or ‘loop packs’, this collection of sounds can be downloaded immediately after purchase in the form of a zip file. For more information, view our ‘How to Download Your Sample Packs‘ page. These sound files work in pretty much all DAW applications such as Logic, Garageband, Ableton, Reason, Cubase, FL Studio, Sonar and many, many more.