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Nothing matches the funk factor of a live drummer. Download this sample pack of live funk drum loops today.

Price: $59.95

Make this your go-to drum loop pack for funk, rock or pop music production. Live acoustic drums recorded at high quality and ready to load into your DAW. Take a listen to the demo.

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Don’t just sound like everybody else, use sample and loops that are deserving of your time and your unique creations. This ethnic loops mega pack crams some serious inspiration into a 681 Mb download.

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Get the hottest Latin drum loops and fills for your beats and add some spicy Latin flavour to keep things interesting.

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Whether you produce Jazz or simply need a sick drum break, these live acoustic jazz drum loops and fills will inspire.

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When you download the ‘Big Drums Mega Pack’ you’re basically downloading your new drummer because these are the only drum loops you’ll ever need.
Real performances, real drums and real studio sound quality. These drum loops and fills are radio ready and easy to use.

Price: $119.99