Tag: Electro House Samples

Don’t spend countless hours programming epic crescendos into your house tracks to build up to a huge climax. We did the hard work for you with ‘Euphoria’ loops for house producers.

Price: $69.95

Have your fans reaching for the lazers in a frenzy of unbridled ecstasy brought on by your sizzling hot electro house beats. This sample pack has your name all over it.

Price: $109.99

At 841Mb, ‘Bonkers Basslines’ packs some serious punch and gives you the loops and samples you need to make some killer electro house beats.These powerful song making tools are so easy to use that you can build a sick electro house track in minutes. That leaves you with plenty of time to lay down your own vocals, funk guitars or take things in your own direction. Download some free demo loops and try them on for size.

Price: $59.95

Prepare for bass drops of galactic proportions with the monumental electro house loops and samples of ‘Big Bad Basslines V1’. We’re talking serious floor shaking capabilities, forced head nodding and speaker busting sounds that’ll take your beats to new heights.

Price: $69.95

When the bass drops and those killer electro house loops hit you’ve got no choice but to move. With ‘Big Bad Basslines V2’ getting your groove on is mandatory, in fact it’s the law.
Turn your DAW into a beat making factory of sonic excellence with this 704Mb sample pack for electro house producers.

Price: $69.95