Electro House Loops MegaPack

Electro House Loops MegaPack

Have your fans reaching for the lazers in a frenzy of unbridled ecstasy brought on by your sizzling hot electro house beats. This sample pack has your name all over it.

Drum and Bass Loops MegaPack

Drum and Bas Loops MegaPack

This gargantuan mega pack weighs in at over 1 Gig of Drum n Bass loops ready to launch your DnB beat making skills into the stratosphere. As usual these samples come royalty free and ready to load into any DAW.

Disco String Samples MegaPack

Disco String Samples - MegaPack Download

Get String Samples that deliver that high class orchestral sound your beats deserve. Download this Mega Pack today and hear the difference quality makes.

Cool Bass Samples MegaPack

Cool Bass Samples Megapack

Get your beats cookin with some live bass guitar loops featuring real bassists with mad skills. This Mega Pack boasts a wide variety of bass playing styles and tones. With 279 bass loops there’s plenty of inspirational material.

Complextro Loops Megapack

Complextro Loops - Instant Download

Ah, the sweet smell of freshly fried speaker cones induced by EDM loops that bang on a whole new level. Our second installment of EDM samples brings you even more synapse bursting sonic wizardry that will make you bug eyed and gagging to get your groove on. Download this sample pack right now and put your beats on the fast track to dance floor stardom.

Cinematic Dubstep Samples MegaPack

Cinematic Dubstep Samples MegaPack

Step away from the sub woofer and put on your crash helmet, it’s about to get ‘biblical’ up in here. With Dubstep Samples like these you’ll be on the fast track to producing legendary Dubstep beats that blow speakers and melt faces.