Category: Vocals

Get melodic with your Pop, RnB and Hip Hop beats right now with these lush vocal acapellas samples. and loops.

Price: $59.95

Give your beats a touch of gangbanger language with these offensive rap vocal samples. We can’t lie, they’re just plain ‘thug’ but with a touch of humour. Don’t play this demo in front of the pastor.

Price: $49.95

Give your beats the human edge with these human beat box loops and feed your beats today.

Price: $39.95

This truly inspirational sample pack offers something unique. The perfection combination of 12 string guitar samples and vocal samples.

Price: $69.95

Create your very own human beatbox grooves with these expertly edited multisamples. Download 197 WAV files and get that real beatbox sound in your beats.

Price: $39.95