Epic Dubstep Samples

Epic Dubstep Samples

If you were to stand in front of your speakers while playing these epic dubstep samples at high volume it may result in serious damage to your internal organs. We’re talking loops of ‘biblical’ proportions here people. When we go ‘Epic’ we go ‘all out’ and you’ll hear that in the demo for this momentous product.

Dubstep Apocalypse MegaPack

Download Dubstep Samples with this MegaPack

Behold the earth shaking power of dubstep samples that don’t pull any punches. These are hard, heavy hitting loops for Dubstep producers with a strong stomach. Small pets and toddlers should leave the room before you press play.

Dubstep Apocalypse V2

Dubstep Loops - Dubstep Apocalypse

Is that an earthquake? Nope, it’s just the preview for ‘Dubstep Apocalypse V2’. Bone drilling bass lines, screaming synth riffs and chest pounding drums. This sample pack puts you at the forefront of dubstep beat making and gives you the power to create world stopping dubstep tunes quickly and easily.

Dubstep Apocalypse V1

Dubstep Samples with Dubstep Apocalypse V1

Don’t loose street cred by using weak samples that even kittens would laugh at.

Fire up your DAW with these immense dubstep samples from Platinumloops that are so evil they might just set off the apocalypse. With cataclysmic bass riffs and wobbles that can bend planets there’s nothing to touch this.

The Max Pack V2 – Loops and Samples

Loops and Samples in 'The Max Pack V2'

This massive download of loops and samples belongs on your hard drive. 100% royalty free with WAV files, Apple Loops and Rex2 files for all DAW users.

The Max Pack V1 – Loops and Samples

The Max Pack V1 - Loops and Samples

The Max Pack V1 is the ultimate download. Featuring 25 Gig of loops and samples from 63 of our most popular titles. Long lasting inspiration is just a few clicks away.